Why is it important for a teacher to continue professional development?

First, you have to finish school, then to graduate from university and after that you can finally relax and stop learning?


If you are a teacher it’s definitely not about you.


Theodore Roethke, the poet, once said, "A teacher is one who carries on his education in public".


What does it mean for you, my dear colleagues?


For me it is one of the key factors to success in teaching.


To be an ideal teacher means to be a part of your class, a peer to your students to some extent.

I am never ashamed to look something up in the dictionary or to consult a grammar book. I believe I can set a good example to my students in this way.


Another thing is that we live in a changing world, so you have to keep your finger on the pulse. And it is especially important to stay familiar with the most recent changes and improvements for the teacher. Otherwise, you can get into an unpleasant situation when you realize that your students are developing faster than you do.


With the development of the whole world the needs of English learners are also getting more demanding for a teacher. Students want to have considerable knowledge in order to pass international exams or to communicate fluently. At the same time they don’t have much time to spent on learning so our task is to find the most effective method for each of them.


Moreover, continuing professional development is not only looking after the present but it’s also taking care of your future, as it is a very important contribution into your career development.


Please, leave your comments how important it is for you to be a life long learner.


And in the next article we will try to figure out how not to get lost in a blizzard of different resources for continuing professional development and how we can organize ourselves and always keep up with the progress.



Anna Krasilnik ,

the founder of LearnEnglish – the community for successful English learners and teachers.

11 июня 2015

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